Only 3 more months till baby!

I cannot believe that I only have 14 weeks left ( 3 months ) until baby Dominic comes into my life. As the weeks fly by my husband just gets more and more excited as for me… i’m just getting more and more uncomfortable. Lately I have been feeling back pain and thats because the… Continue reading Only 3 more months till baby!

Living in Alaska & Being Married

Life has been nothing but crazy events for me. Ever since I moved out of my parents house at 19 years old, I have learned to put my big girl pants on. Its been over a year that I have left my parents home and been living with my boyfriend at the time who is… Continue reading Living in Alaska & Being Married

September 23, 2015

In life there are no directions on how to live it. There is no knowing the future and that is a good thing at least for some cases. I had no idea that I would be where I am today. I don’t think any of you expected yourself to be here either. I guess it… Continue reading September 23, 2015